Monday, April 23, 2018
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I love my clients :)

I send out a weekly email dubbed “Friday Thought” outlining an inspiring message that I’ve collected from number of sources all over the net.  It’s something that I do to inspire myself for the weekend and upcoming week and share it with my sphere so it may help them in some way.  I get numerous replies each week from the message.  I also get scolded when I miss a Friday when I haven’t sent them out.  I thought it would be great if I shared one of the message I got last week.

Fantastic Friday thought Addy!! Your emails always help push me that extra notch and remind me to stay extra diligent on my path! A sincere thanks to you brother!!  Hope ur great 🙂  Enjoy the weekend!  Shibu

Thank you Shibu for the kind words and the continued support!  Looking forward to our next Friday thought!