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Henry Huang – Testimonial

Following is a testimonial that was sent in my one of my clients who has become a good friend as well since our introduction.  It was a pleasure to work with Henry because he trusted what I had to say and I stand by my service.  I’m happy to present what he had to say about my service for your review.  If there’s anything I can help you with, please feel free to get in touch with me.

I knew Addy through a referral of my co-worker. I called Addy and told him my interest in buying a house in Brampton. He noted down all the features to my interested and non interest.  He then insisted we meet up in person to discuss in detail.  After a few days, we met up at a Coffee place near my home and he showed me some listings that matched my criteria.  I liked a few of these listings and asked him to show me. In fact, the house I end up buying was from one of these listing.

When he was showing me around the houses, I was very impressed that he didn’t just stood there pursuing me to do the purchase.  Instead, he gave me his honest and professional opinion.  He walked me around the houses and pointed out what’s good about the house and what potential problem when buying the house. He also told me the estimated cost to repair them.

During our visit to the house I ended up buying, I was hyped the moment I walked in. He agrees it would be a good purchase, but he maintained calm and led me out of the house and asked me how I like it. I told him it’s great. He smiled and said led me to a couple of other houses down the street to show me the value I am getting in this neighborhood   By comparison, I was confident that this is the best house for the best value.  I asked him to make an offer. I thought the asking price was listed to generate a bidding war. I would have been excited if he had gotten me the house for the asking price. Instead, he negotiated with the seller to got me the house for ten thousand less. I was beyond ecstatic.

It took only about 2 weeks since I called Addy to get the purchase done. Throughout the whole purchase, Addy demonstrated himself as a very professional agent. I would and already had recommended him to my friends and family.

I love my house and am still somewhat amazed that I am able to purchase a house over 2000 by myself. Thank you very much Addy. Everyday I am grateful for your help in making this happen.