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Eight Utterly Obscure Homes from Around the World

We’ve wrangled a list of eight outrageous homes together that can be found around the world. This eclectic mix of photos should prove to be inspiring, should you find your current home a bit dull:


Benoit, Mississippi resident Joanne Ussery converted this 727 aircraft into her replacement house after a tragic ice storm rendered her homeless. For only $30,000, she transformed the airplane into a liveable environment. As odd as this may seem, millions of dollars world-wide have been spent on similar projects, using 727s as residential space.

Obscure Homes Airplane


Designed by Daniel Czapiewski in Syzmbark, Poland, the Upside-Down House is a symbolic representation of the former communist era, serving as a modern reminder of a troubled past.

Obscure Homes Upside-Down


Located in South Korea, the toilet-shaped home is a historically significant monument, as it marks the birth of the global toilet association back in 2007. The concept of this home can be accredited to South Korean sanitation activists.

Obscure Homes Toilet


Built in 2006 by architect Javier Sensonian, this example of “bio-architecture” resembles a crustacean’s shell, ornamented with the natural beauty of small trees, shrubbs, and vegetation along a path of stone steps to the front door.

Obscure Homes Seashell


An Ohio couple chose to dock a decommissioned transport ship on land and turn it into their home. The Benson Ford, once owned by Henry Ford, has been almost completely restored to its original form, but with one exception: the main cabin has been removed from the design in order to become a separate, private island.

Obscure Homes Boat


The Chudleighs, a Canadian couple who design spherical homes all of the world, live in this unusual BC hanging abode. They constructed this property after two of their famous styles: the Eve model and the Eryn model. Typically, an average sphere weighs 1100-pounds and takes a full day to install. These homes are fully-equipped with plumbing, electricity, and insulation.

Obscure Homes Sphere


Transformed from what used to be a fire-tower, this lovely home rests high above the tree-line, overlooking a nearby valley and far-stretched forest. In a some-what open concept, this home captures the essence of modern-day tree house living.

Obscure Homes Tower

The Flinstones

Leave it to Dick Clark to build a home modelled after the hit TV show The Flinstones. This home in Malibu sold for $3.5-million a few years back and is a single-storey, one bedroom / two bathroom rocky structure overlooking Serrano Valley, the Boney Mountains, the Channel Islands, and the Pacific Ocean.

Obscure Homes Flinstones

Photo Credit: Bored Panda


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