Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Six units with positive cash flow and future development

I’m really excited about this listing! My clients had an offer on this Mississauga Investment Property and we were competing with other offers and ended up losing. The problem is that the winners weren’t able to close.  My buyers have since moved onto other properties and this one has become available.  This is a cool little nugget.

I can’t always post properties that come up for sale and this is one of them. The property wasn’t available in the market, we were in multiple and now it’s back with no buyer!

The property is made up of three houses on the same lot.  One large house which is currently housing the commercial operations and can be converted to a owner suite or house, one duplex and a triplex.  The properties are in good condition and are begging for the right buyer.


I don’t get much excited about properties but this one is very interesting.  You can hold the property for the next 10 years and generate cash flow from it and when you’re ready, demolish them all and build 8 or 10 new townhouses and sell them each for a profit.  There is construction already underway across the street and units are listed for over $600K.

Get in touch as there will be offer presentation on this lot next week!

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