Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Learn to be a hands-on investor

As you might know, I love to invest in real estate as it gives me the opportunity to generate greater return on my money than leaving it in the bank but this is also a tricky venture where the fields are littered with people who either ran out of money when they took on a project or let their emotions run wild when renovating and caused them selves to be backed into a corner. I made the same mistake with one of my projects and it almost cost me my whole career. This got me to think; how can I help my clients and other investors to avoid making the same mistakes that I did? The answer came to me last week while I was touring my latest purchase, a detached victorian property in Queen west that needs to be renovated; I can take you on this journey with me.

HeyAddy Truck on Toronto Pier

At the expense of making a fool of myself, teaching myself some humility, and a chance to help you learn and learn from you about renovating properties in Toronto, I’d like to invite you to join my Meetup Group which I will be using to post different updates and meetings. The idea is to show you how to start a project, manage it and take it to completion. The group can also be used by you to interact with each other and hopefully meet new partners to help increase your business.

I’m hoping to hold monthly meetings to bring like minded people together to talk and share about how to help make more money. As I mentioned earlier, this could be a complete failure on my part but I’m planning for success and would love to have you take part in it. I will have further correspondence about the project as we progress on the group as today I’m concentrating on closing it.

Hope you can join this journey and I look forward to meeting with you in person very soon!

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