Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Converted Homes Put Traditional Design to Shame


Not everyone’s dream home is purpose built. For the design savvy and those looking for something more unconventional, converted loft spaces, warehouses and churches say home sweet home. As cities become more and more dense and neighbourhood gentrify, conversion projects become more desirable for developers as a way to maintain the aesthetics and charm of a city.

Conversions are not limited to homes. Recently, The Toronto Star revealed stunning changes to some of Montreal’s churches. As Quebec’s church real estate is being sold off at an alarming rate, transformations include re-purposing architecturally sound buildings into neighbourhood hot spots and community gathering sites.


Taking advantage of architectural features such as exposed brick, wood beams, large windows and soaring ceilings, converting an unusual space into a liveable home can present exciting opportunities for design minded individuals. BuzzBuzzHome recently listed their top 19 converted homes that will put your traditional bungalow to shame. From a New York penthouse in a clock-tower, to a converted 12th century mill in Spain, there is some design eye candy for everyone.


Toronto has many successful examples of home conversion projects including the Robert Watson Lofts, the former CBC prop warehouse building at 90 Sumach and the Feather Factory Lofts. With neighbourhoods rapidly changing, the opportunity to buy into a conversion development is commonplace in Toronto. Contact me to ask about any exciting real estate opportunities you may be interested in!

Image source: BuzzBuzzHome