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Market Watch: The Market According to Mercer – Q2 2015

Are you GTA realtor or just generally interested in the trending GTA housing market? Here’s the latest on Q2 results from the Toronto Real Estate Board’s Market Watch.

The Market According to Mercer predicts the Toronto real estate market remains on track for a record sales year as consumer confidence has grown with the latest Bank of Canada interest rate cut. Furthermore, Mercer states that if it were not for the lack of housing inventory sales this year would be even higher. With a lack of housing inventory, the increase of demand is fueling record prices. Mercer predicts record GTA prices that will rise to an average of $625,000 representing an annual growth rate of almost 10.5%.

With this report in mind, it is truly a sellers market right now. Are you looking to cash in on big increases in your home’s value? Contact me directly to discuss your selling options.