Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Investment and development opportunity in Junction

Buy and Rent financial review

Detailed Review along with option of redevelopment

We just listed an amazing property in the Junction area in Toronto that has a lot of opportunities available for the right buyer. It’s an investment or development development property depending on what you are looking to do with it. Purchase it today, rent it out and collect money or better yet; redevelop it, as it’s vacant right now, and add 4000 more square feet and double your net operating income.

The double deep lot offers you an opportunity to build up to 8650 square feet of space which doubles your net operating income and adds $1,400,000 into your equity while spending under $600,000 to develop it.  The numbers here are discussed in the video above.

I go into a lot of detail with this video and explain how you can make money by purchasing this property. The numbers are projected as they are based on past performance and comparables for properties rented in the area.  I also have a very detailed package available with floor plans that I welcome you to request and I can send it over via email.

  • Financial Metrics
    Cap Rate (Purchase Price) 5.0%
    Cash on Cash Return (Year 1) 0.9%

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