Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Toronto to Remove Neglected Bikes


CBC reports that the City of Toronto will begin removing abandoned bicycles in an effort to clean up the sidewalks before winter arrives.

Have you seen any neglected or abandoned bicycles near you? If so, “residents can call 311 to report an abandoned bike, but to ensure that the right one is removed the City asks that you provide as much detail as possible when you call. That includes the colour of the bike frame, type of bike and its location.”

“According to the city, a bike is considered abandoned when it’s been locked in the same location for more than a month.”

Any bikes that appear to have any missing parts or appear unusable will be removed without notice. All other reported bicycles will be tagged and given 14 days to be moved.

Toronto will be removing neglected bikes from now until the end of the week. Have you seen any bikes that need to be removed in your neighbourhood?