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Cityscapes: Toronto Public Art Installations

Mitosis Courtyard1

Toronto is experiencing a public art renaissance. Fueled, in part, by the development boom and intensification of the downtown core, BuzzBuzzHome takes readers on a visual tour of some of Toronto’s newest public art installations.

Float Forms by Canadian author/artist Douglas Coupland is situated in Canoe Landing park accompanying an array of other pieces he has done. It is described as an “eclectic piece, made of steel and resin, is comprised of multiple colourful bobber — fishing gear used to maintain the hook at the target depth — sculptures of varying sizes and patterns.”

Float Forms1

Float Forms2

In conversations about his public art pieces, Coupland has stated to the National Post “in my mind I think of places that don’t have art and of how bleak they feel, and I think of all the places that do have art, and how much better they feel,” he adds. “Every location is unique … Hopefully make every day just a bit more interesting.”

More recently, “We Are All Animals” was installed at the newly opened Daniels building across from High Park. Described as , “is a mixed-media installation from OCAD students and Public Studio, an art-architecture firm, that’s comprised of coyote sculptures, a bronze bench, and earthy visuals displayed on an large LED screen. The work references natural elements of High Park, which is right across Bloor Street from the piece.”



What do you think of the new public art pieces popping up all over Toronto? Share your thoughts in the comments!