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Meeting an old friend – April 2, 2016

Keeping up with my promise to post three things that I appreciate in my life; here are my three things for today:

  1. After many attempts since the new year, I was finally able to meet an old friend for which I’m very grateful for. There are people in your life that think they take too much from you while not realizing they have so much to offer such as a fresh perspective from their experience to your input, a reminder of the good habits you used to have that made you successful which you may have forgotten or the satisfaction of just being able to be there for someone.  Such is this friend and I’m greateful to have you in my life.
  2. The same friend pointed out to me that I have a beautiful home and I should take better care of it by keeping it clean.  I have just finished installing a new kitchen in the basement and while there are still some items to be completed, I concentrated the balance of the evening cleaning up my castle and I’m thankful for the shelter it offers.  Once the weather warms up, I do plan on spending some time in the garage to get my bikes out and do a thorough spring clean up.
  3. I got a chance to chat with three great friends today as well.  First was my best friend’s sister who is living in New Brunswick and we nicknamed each other pookie.  She gave me some amazing pointers on using guided meditations to help with my dizziness as well helped me focus on what’s important for today.  I also got to speak with my mate from Austrailia who was travelling with me in Brazil and is still in South America.  We reminisced about our Brazil trip and planned on getting together soon.  He is heading back to Austrailia soon but will be coming to Canada in the near future.  We originally had plans to meet each other in May this year in Utah but it looks the plans will be delayed.  Last noteable is a friend from my last life as a Business Development Manager for a company in Markham.  She saw my post yesterday and has been in constant contact with me today and I thank her too!

So the focus for today’s appreciation was friendship!

I’m realizing today that this project can serve a second purpose which is to focus me on doing something worthwhile everyday and be able to report it to myself that I’ve done it.  I have also been working on some big projects that haven’t gotten much love from me in the past couple of months.  In the coming days, I will organize them and will start reporting on them as well.

As I progress through this quest, I hope you all will become my accountability partner in making me honest with my life and to live happily!

Don’t forget to include me in your journey!