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New friends, music and dog walks – April 3, 2016

Today is day 3 of my happiness project and following are the three things that I’m grateful for:

I met a wonderful young women today who is currently working at a law clerk for a firm and also has a side business of professional consulting via email and offers services to anyone looking for help with a broken relationship in their life.  I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the knowlege she displayed during our brief encounter and am looking forward to seeing her again soon to help me get focused in my life too.  If you’re looking for any help with psychotherary or couseling should contact her to discuss how she can help at

Since it was a relaxing day today, I also got a chance to spend some time playing music that I haven’t heard yet.  I wanted to thank my friend Igor for introducing me to about 100 new tracks that I spent some time reviewing and playing with.  There is nothing like playing with food for the soul.

Lastly, I’m thankful for a day off from the hustle of real estate.  I thoroughly enjoyed the long walk with my dog today and will be back at it tomorrow ready to take on the world!

Talk soon!  Live strong and be happy!