Monday, April 23, 2018
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Apartment building for sale in Mimico 8 units

If you’re looking for a project, I have the perfect apartment building for sale in Mimico with 8 units that will make you money and will be a great add to your portfolio.  The property is located in Mimico which is located by Parklawn and Lakeshore and has been a great area where overflow from Toronto buyers have been buying and renting at.  It’s located close to the highways and recreation as well as retail and shopping to the north.

The property has 8 units plus 1 bachelor that can be rented out.  I would use it as your super’s home in lieu of payment.

I have included a lot of information in the video which you can review.  The files I used to make the video are linked below

Mimico 9 Plex Purchase

Mimico 9 Plex Renovated

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