Thursday, April 19, 2018
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I bought a brand new home! When do I sell this one?

“We just bought a new home from the builder and we were wondering when is a good time for us to list our property?” I had received a new question in one of my online real estate advise threads from another satisfied purchaser of a new home who were looking forward to moving in their new home and wanted a semblance of ... Read More »

Quick tips when buying a second property

(NC)—Are you dreaming of spending summers at a lakefront cottage? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to own a condo as an investment? Whatever your reason for wanting to purchase a second property, knowing your financing options before you buy is crucial to avoid surprises down the road. “Financing the purchase of a second property can be complicated at first glance,” ... Read More »

As a seller, should I allow an extension to a contract?

I was recently in an offer negotiation where the buyer who was looking to secure a mortgage on their new purchase wasn’t able to do so within the time period specified in their purchase and sale agreement.  The buyer agent contacted me promptly to let me know that they won’t be able to secure the funds within the time period ... Read More »

What do Real Estate Agents do?

One of the common advertising motto that we see in our industry is “I sell homes” or “I have sold X* homes.”  While it is correct that real estate agents influence real estate sales but is it really accurate to say that “I have sold” X homes? I, as an agent, firmly believe that “I” don’t sell homes rather I ... Read More »

Interview: Mortgage talk with a Mortgage Agent

I recently met up with Aamir Jamil who is the broker of record for Mortgage Alliance and picked his brain to answer questions that I get from our views. Youtube Link Information reviewed was: Mortgage Approval Criteria Used TDS and TDS Income calculations CMHC Criteria Recent changes from CMHC If you have any specific question about mortgages or would like ... Read More »

How safe is your home purchase?

It’s been an experience so far trying to get all the bugs worked out on the website.  It seems that we’re up and fully functional now so I’m going to start updating the website on regular basis. I recently got a question from a gentleman through an online question and answer session.  While the answer was apparent, I wanted to ... Read More »

Tweet: What to purchase: Condo vs. Freehold

The power of twitter! I was running low on ideas to post on this blog and while researching through different articles about what I thought were possible suspects for a topic, I came across an article on how to leverage twitter to help you do more with less. One of the suggestions were to leverage it as a think tank; ... Read More »

First-time buyers driving force in Canada’s residential real estate markets, says RE/MAX

Entry-level purchasers are now the engine driving home-buying activity in almost every major centre in Canada, according to a recent report released by RE/MAX. The 2009 RE/MAX First-Time Buyers Report, highlighting first-time buying activity in 32 residential housing markets across Canada, found that improved affordability is prompting many first-time buyers to get off the fence, out of the rental, and ... Read More »

When is a good time to buy a property during a down market?

I get the question alot, “When’s a good time to buy real estate?” and frankly, my answer always is whenever you’re ready! This answer is usually met with a smirk which reads more like, “I was expecting you to say that since you make a living through purchase and sale!” There is no way anyone can predict when the market ... Read More »

Dual agency or Buyer Representation?

There are two options available for buyers when it comes to purchasing property through organized Real Estate in Ontario and is classifies them as either a Client or a Customer. Client Relationship Client relationship with a buyer is established by signing the buyer agency agreement. Customer Relationship Buyers have the option of representing themselves in a Real Estate transaction and ... Read More »