Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Modern Design on a Tight Budget

Working with a budget of $40K, see how this duo turned a foreclosed vacation townhouse in Arizona, into a simple, clean, and modern space. Click here for images. Read More »

Green Bathroom Ideas

From lime to sage, green bathrooms tend to evoke a sense of calmness and serenity. It works well with natural materials such as wood and stone, and exudes a relaxed and zen like state. The colour green can make your bathroom appear modern, yet funky and edgy at the same time. Click here for green design ideas! Read More »

Attic Room Designs

Check out these unique and efficient attic room transformations. From office spaces, to closets, and home theatres, it can all be seen here. Be inspired. Read More »

Exposed brick walls are so chic!

I absolutely adore exposed brick walls! Who knew that they apparently became popular in the late 1900s, because people found it less expensive to expose the brick in older homes, then it was to repair or replace damaged plaster. Exposed brick walls look awesome in lofts and give the space an industrial feel. They add character and a ton of ... Read More »

Greek Island Beach

Ftelia Beach, on the Greek island of Mykonos, was designed with Athens-based architecture in mind. The beach features a traditional Greek taverna design that allows wind to penetrate through the area, allowing guests to keep cool, as well as traditional Cycladic architecture. Check out photos here. Read More »

Live/Work in 650 square feet

Architect Robert Garneau turned one small New York studio in the neighborhood of Chelsea, into a functional one bedroom live/work space. See how Garneau managed to create this space efficient studio with unique storage options for one New York couple who ran their office from home. Click here for photos. Read More »

A Casual Industrial Loft

Industrial style lofts are known for their exposed wiring, ducts, and large visible fans in the kitchen. The look and feel is often casual and very urban. Here, designer Maxim Zhukov’s goal was to create a loft space that was masculine, and had both casual and romantic elements in it as well. The bathroom is very dramatic with exposed brick, ... Read More »

Glass Balcony Pools in India

The Parinee Ism, is a 140 meter tall residential tower in Mumbai, India, currently in the works. Designed by architect James Law, this luxury condo plans to put a glass pool on every balcony. Check out some renderings of the concept here. What do you think? Ingenious or bad idea? Read More »

“How Google Decorated My Home”

Decorating and updating your home can be very overwhelming. With so much choices and selection available, one can spend endless hours comparing and seeing everything that’s out there. This scenario sounds all too familiar with one blogger. Below are a compilation of her favourite websites and home brands which she narrowed down, bearing in mind three main factors – quality, ... Read More »

Unique Bathroom Appliances

Israel-based company, Kashani, has been working with famous designers to create modern bathrooms made with wooden inserts. Each piece is limited edition and the results are very contemporary yet cozy at the same time. Check out some of the designs here. Read More »