Monday, April 23, 2018
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Toronto to Remove Neglected Bikes

CBC reports that the City of Toronto will begin removing abandoned bicycles in an effort to clean up the sidewalks before winter arrives. Have you seen any neglected or abandoned bicycles near you? If so, “residents can call 311 to report an abandoned bike, but to ensure that the right one is removed the City asks that you provide as ... Read More »

City of Toronto to Extend Peak-Hour Restrictions

Image Source: City of Toronto   The City of Toronto is extending peak hour restrictions along  Dundas Street, College/Carlton Streets, and Queen Street West to improve travel times with TTC streetcar service along these routes. What are peak-hour restrictions? The City of Toronto explains peak-hour restrictions as “driving and parking restrictions during morning and evening rush hours, or ‘peak hours’. ... Read More »

Micro condos coming to Toronto

I was asked last week to discuss a new micro condo development project coming soon to Toronto with 281 units in the Queen and University area with units starting from 289 square feet.   My initial thought was that small units aren’t something new in Toronto.  Past projects with small foot prints have been DNA 3 by Canderel, INDX by Lifetime ... Read More »

Real Estate Technology: Changing How Things Are Done

In most industries, technology has change the way people do business. For real estate, technology has had an enormous impact on communications and presentation. The evolution of technology has transformed the desktop PC into a series of mobile devices, powerful in capability and performance. With tablets, smart phones, laptops, GPS systems, CRM software, and many other powerful financial solutions, the ... Read More »

Interview with BlogTO regarding 650 Bay Street

The Bay Street motel was a bit of a legend in its heyday. A filthy, scary, shameful legend. Named the second dirtiest hotel in Canada by TripAdvisor in 2009, I actually let my masochistic side take over a few years back and decided to saunter over with a roommate to “inquire” about a room. Needless to say, the subsequent feeling ... Read More »

Interview: Business News Daily

Entering the Matrix: How QR Codes and Businesses Connect You see them plastered on everything from magazine pages and sidewalk displays to product signs and transit advertising. They look like boxy Rorschach inkblots and they’re frequently accompanied by an arrow and the bold-type guidance, “scan me.” Welcome to the growing world of Quick Response (QR) codes. They’re 2-D bar codes, ... Read More »

Interview: Yahoo Finance

Buy? Sell? Should Canadians buy into real estate or not? It’s either the best of times to buy a house, or the worst of times. A conflicting sea of economic factors doesn’t help matters as on-the-fence Canadians try to decide whether to take the plunge into home ownership. With prices rising, it may seem like an easy choice to lock ... Read More »

Critical differences in using Social Media for Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate

I had recently attended a conference in Toronto called “Agent Reboot” where I ran into Michael Krisa, “That Interview guy”, whom I had met originally two years ago at Real Estate Bar Camp and numerous times since.  While conversing with him, Benjamin Bach and Virigina Munden; we started a discussion about how to tie in Social Networks with our business.  Michael did a ... Read More »

Interview: Effects of Boutique Hotels on Neighborhood

I recently gave an interview to Global News in Toronto talking about a boutique hotel project that I've been privilleged to work on for the past two years. The focus of the interview was about how the area undergoes genrtification when an investment is made. Read More »

The Toronto Star article about Bay Street Motel

Following is a clipping from The Toronto Star today talking to me about one of the projects I'm working on currently at the Corner of Bay and Elm Street. Read More »