Monday, April 23, 2018
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Understanding the 2016 Rent Increase Guidelines

Regardless of if you are a seasoned landlord or new to the real estate investment game, it is important to clearly understand the annual rent increase guidelines. It is always important to be transparent and ethical when dealing with your tenants in order to avoid potential conflicts. To help you stay on top of the 2016 rent increase guidelines, read ... Read More »

ACRE Toronto is coming next month

Real Estate Investment Network is hosting it’s ACRE event which is coming to Toronto next month. This is a great event for anyone looking to learn about investing in real estate and how to maximize their investment. The event is held over two days and is open to everyone to attend. The regular price for the event is $587 dollars ... Read More »

Lead Generation a panel discussion

We are going to be hosting a panel discussion with three industry expert talking about lead generation for real estate.  This event is open to anyone that is looking to grow their business and bounce ideas off of people that have been there and done that.  I’m proud to call these expert friends and am really looking forward to the ... Read More »

New Service: Investment Properties Daily

It’s not something new but rather bringing an old classic back! I used to do daily video reviews of properties that caught my attention or were in my neighborhood on regular basis off MLS but rules dictated that I couldn’t advertise properties that were listed by my brokerage but there is also an exclusion;  I can advertise all the properties ... Read More »

Renovation headache Part 2

So I had posted about a water problem I was having in the basement of my latest investment.  This is a quick video to show what is happening in the basement now. I had shot this video two weeks ago and posted it on my YouTube channel but just getting around to posting it on my website now.  I have ... Read More »

Renovation headaches

I had invited some of you out to take a look at my latest project where we were going to be doing some quick renovations to increase the value of the property and generate additional rents.  We are now in reno mode. When we purchased the property, we noticed a lot of broken and improperly (really) installed drywall and figured ... Read More »

Learn to be a hands-on investor

As you might know, I love to invest in real estate as it gives me the opportunity to generate greater return on my money than leaving it in the bank but this is also a tricky venture where the fields are littered with people who either ran out of money when they took on a project or let their emotions ... Read More »

What Renovating Can Do To Your Home Insurance Premium

If you’re planning a major renovation, be sure to consider what it might do to your home insurance premium. Of course, not all home renovations will affect your policy, but many of them will and it is important to disclose such information to your insurer to avoid complication. For large upgrades that add to the aesthetics of a property, the ... Read More »

Canada Revenue Agency’s “Condo Project”

We’re at the end of the tax season but the Canada Revenue Agency is looking to audit many Toronto condo sellers, suspecting that there have been large financial gains from “flipping” properties this past year.  Under these suspicions, individuals who have recently profited from the booming condo market  are being investigated. In many instances, the CRA has reduced these profits ... Read More »

Over Your Head Because of Overdraft Fees?

What Is Overdraft, Why Can It Help? We may not realize this but banks are profiting greatly from the service charges we incur, and overdraft protection may just be another one of those things separating us from our money. With this said, overdraft can be incredibly useful: it can be used to make-up for financial shortcomings, which ultimate leads to ... Read More »