Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Scary thing this Mortgage Insurance!

Mortgage insurance or life insurance... Which one do you have? Does it protect you in case of ... ? Read More »

The rich aren’t so bad after all

Most of us have that stereotype in our head that rich people are more like Montgomery Burns from The Simpson while it’s not true. The source is an article posted in the Financial Post that talks about the stereotype of a survey that was conducted. Read More »

Do you charge HST on rental leases?

Please note that I'm not a tax accountant and the post is for informational purposes only. Please verify the information you're relying on and consult with an accountant. Following are the exemptions Read More »

Six reasons to work with a dedicated investment REALTOR

There are over 26,000 real estate agents in Toronto helping clients buy and sell real estate yet we only see about 8000 to 9000 transactions a month.  The numbers yield to less than 4 transactions per agent per year which leads the question, is your REALOR the right one?  It’s important to know who is representing you in your sale. ... Read More »

Real estate: A ‘secret’ tax shelter

Real Estate has long been a great investment vehicle contributing to thousand of millionaire’s wealths.  Did you know that it can also be a great tax shelter? I came across the following articles in the Financial Post which articulated why Real Estate as a tax shelter is such a secret. Please read and I hope you enjoy… Real estate: A ... Read More »

What is cash on cash?

Cash on cash is another ratio used by today’s investors to gauge the worthiness of an investment. Cash on cash is a general comparison value of cash flow to qualify if a property warrant further analysis. Possible uses would be see if a property is undervalued based on income being generated or on properties where cash flow is king. Here’s ... Read More »

What is a cap rate?

Have questions about how to calculate cap rates? Read on... Read More »