Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Listing information for your Toronto home for sale

List to last OR Listings are the gift of real estate Gods! I first heard this saying when I was starting out in this business in the late 90’s and never really understood what it meant.  This is the time when the real estate market was going through a lot of change including the advent of Buyer Representations.  As a ... Read More »

Totally FREE but not actually FREE!

I got another story for you today! I love the open market and what it allows individuals, professionals and businesses to do!  The open market offers freedom and allows individuals to compete among other professionals and businesses and offer innovation in products and services.  This also drives the price lower for the consumer as more entities are competing for the ... Read More »

Status Certificates – The necessary evil?

I’ve been meaning to write the blog post for the past two weeks and have been so busy with the projects underway including our Friends of Winchester Park project. I recently sold a condo unit for a client that was referred to me by another client. The condo, while updated, was in an older building that was kept up very ... Read More »

Closing day and me!

It has been an interesting week for me and one of my clients!  Thursday started off with a BBM early in the morning while I was at the bank that read, “F*** me” and followed with a story that went on to explain that the property is flooded.  Let’s go through it in a bit of detail and lay out ... Read More »

10 Ways to get multiple offers for your house

I had written about how you can get your offer accepted when heading into a multiple offer scenario and thought it would be fitting to talk about how you can promote a multiple offers from buyers when listing your property.  Please feel free to share and add to the list: List at Market Value or just below it – In a hot ... Read More »

10 home winterization musts

It’s been a mild winter throughout most of the country so far. That means we still have time to run through a foul-weather checklist. Here are 10 “must do’s” to have a warm, cozy and safe winter. Check attic insulation. A foot of blown-in or batt insulation (R-38) in the attic reduces heat transfer from heated interior space to the ... Read More »

Selling Real Estate Privately without an agent

During a recent interview with Don Campbell, our conversation steered towards to topic of private sales. My question was if he sees value in using a real estate professional or should sellers look at putting their properties on the market themselves. I was surprised by his response as much as he was with mine. A delightful conversation that I’m looking ... Read More »

I bought a brand new home! When do I sell this one?

“We just bought a new home from the builder and we were wondering when is a good time for us to list our property?” I had received a new question in one of my online real estate advise threads from another satisfied purchaser of a new home who were looking forward to moving in their new home and wanted a semblance of ... Read More »

Four fast, fashionable and fabulous bathroom fixes

Simple washroom updates that can be completed

(NC)—When it comes to home improvement, you don’t have to be a professional to get professional-looking results.  There are many simple bathroom projects that can dramatically update your home: If your current vanity features chipped paint or a dated colour – it’s time for an update.  Rather than buying new, you can easily make your current vanity look clean and ... Read More »

As a seller, should I allow an extension to a contract?

I was recently in an offer negotiation where the buyer who was looking to secure a mortgage on their new purchase wasn’t able to do so within the time period specified in their purchase and sale agreement.  The buyer agent contacted me promptly to let me know that they won’t be able to secure the funds within the time period ... Read More »