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Seller Resources

What do Real Estate Agents do?

One of the common advertising motto that we see in our industry is “I sell homes” or “I have sold X* homes.”  While it is correct that real estate agents influence real estate sales but is it really accurate to say that “I have sold” X homes? I, as an agent, firmly believe that “I” don’t sell homes rather I ... Read More »

Case Study – Home Staging

Following is a case study done by Addy Saeed of and Youtube Link The purpose of the study was to showcase what good staging can do for the sale of a property. Part 1: The above is an interview with sellers about their property before they have consulted with the stagger, Robin De Groot ( Photography was done ... Read More »

Dual agency or Buyer Representation?

There are two options available for buyers when it comes to purchasing property through organized Real Estate in Ontario and is classifies them as either a Client or a Customer. Client Relationship Client relationship with a buyer is established by signing the buyer agency agreement. Customer Relationship Buyers have the option of representing themselves in a Real Estate transaction and ... Read More »

New FINTRAC Legislation (PCMLTFA)

.So… Some of you might have noticed that your REALTOR is asking for copies of your identification and they have to keep on file before proceeding to a transaction or… some of you will be asked that when you would be conducting a transaction. I was questioned about it by a client of mine so I thought I’d share what ... Read More »

What is my home worth?

One of the services I offer to my Sellers and Buyers (when purchasing) is evaluating what the home is worth. How do you do that? I’m going to showcase how I evaluate properties when listing them for sale and hopefully this will help you when you’re ready to sell your house! It’s imperative to have an optimum list price when selling ... Read More »

When is it enough?

If you’re a seller and the buyer hasn’t been able to fulfill a condition on their purchase and sale agreement, do you agree to give them an extension if they ask? This is a very tough question to ask and needs to be answered with some consideration. Following are some points that I’d like you to consider when answering these ... Read More »

Apartment Condo – Private Sale Vs.

The following was a question that was asked to me by a reader. I thought it would be a good read for anyone looking to sell their Condo privately. How good is BYTHEOWNER.COM (for selling condos in Mississauga / GTA) as compared to Excellent question… I guess the deep rooted question here is, “Do you see value in what ... Read More »