Monday, April 23, 2018
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Real Estate Technology: Changing How Things Are Done

In most industries, technology has change the way people do business. For real estate, technology has had an enormous impact on communications and presentation. The evolution of technology has transformed the desktop PC into a series of mobile devices, powerful in capability and performance. With tablets, smart phones, laptops, GPS systems, CRM software, and many other powerful financial solutions, the ... Read More »

Social Media Tips for Responding to Comments

The need for helping businesses understand how to use social media is rising.  The rewards are clear when effectively incorporating social media into your business, as are the consequences if mistakes are made. You would think it is all common sense, but there are some key aspects to consider when posting online professionally. Below is a useful guide I found ... Read More »

Talkin’ Social Media Blues

BONUS FEATURES: “If a young Bob Dylan were magically transported to the present day, this is the song he would perform about the Social Media scene.” That’s how NMN Magazine described Zee Thrillington’s new single, Talkin’ Social Media Blues. Recorded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada THE WONDER MINT presents a SEAN WARD film TALKIN’ SOCIAL MEDIA BLUES Enjoy! Read More »