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Toronto’s Energy Retrofit Program

Retrofit Program

Where and When:

South Event

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

7pm to 9pm

Metro Hall (Room 308), 55 John Street

North Event

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

7pm to 9pm

North York Civic Center (Members Lounge), 5100 Young Street

What Does the Retrofit Program Entail?

The main goal of this meeting is to educate residents on how to reduce energy bills cost-effectively.  Lack of financing is one of the largest obstacles for people who are looking to optimize their home as home improvements demand an upfront payment.  The meeting will include a presentation by city staff, along with a group discussion and interactive workshop designed to evaluate which aspects of the home need upgrading.  Retrofit will put residents in contact with contractors and provide for them financing alternatives.  For more information visit


Live Green Toronto

Live Green Toronto offers many useful tips on how to save money by just changing a few common things throughout the home:


  • Get rid of old, unnecessary appliances around the house
  • Trade in incandescent light bulbs for every-saving LED lights
  • Measure and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Use renewable energy systems, i.e. solar panels
  • Use “energy saver” settings on the computer, turn off electronic devices when not in use, and use power bars with an integrated timer to shut-off automatically
  • Dim lights or use alternate forms of lighting, i.e. candles and windows
  • Use natural forms of shade, such as trees, and insulate the attic to save on heating

Hot Water

  • Capture rainwater to use in the gardens and stay pesticide free
  • Insulate exposed piping
  • Drain five litres from the hot water tank every three months to remove sediment and mineral build-up
  • Run an electric kettle instead of stove-top for boiled water


  • Run dishwasher only when its full
  • Clean condenser coils on the back of your fridge and allow food to cool before storing it
  • Use microwave ovens whenever possible


  • Appropriately adjust the load size setting on the laundry machine
  • Use front load washing and drying machines if possible
  • Be sure to clean lint filter frequently
  • When weather permits, hang your clothes outside to dry
Retrofit Program

For more information, please visit