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South Beach Miami comes to Humber Bay Shores

Humber Bay Shores, located just north of Parklawn and Lakeshore, is an area marked for many developments in the near future – a number of which are mostly condos. Amexon’s South Beach Condos + Lofts, which will be slated for full completion early next year, is one of the more interesting and unique developments in the area – bringing Miami ... Read More »

My home buying experience – Showings

Have you ever liked a home that you’ve just seen on your first trip and can’t justify liking it without going out again to see other houses? I’m dealing with it right now! If I had a real estate agent, I would force him or her to take me out and see other places just because, “we have just started ... Read More »

My home buying experience

I’m starting a new home search! This will not be the first home I’ve ever bought but its definitely a first experience to buying a home to live in exclusively. I’ll explain! The first home that I ever bought was with my brother and the whole family was to be living in it. We still own that house in Brampton ... Read More »

10 ways to get your offer accepted

In light of my earlier post about a new record set in the Toronto Real Estate Board for highest percent of list price ever offered and accepted, I thought it would be beneficial to talk about what are the different ways that you can make sure your offer stand out from the competition and accepted by the seller. Offer over ... Read More »

How to pick the right neighborhood?

There are numerous items that should be considered when purchasing your next home. Neighborhood is an important aspect that should be reviewed based on the following criteria. School ratings Local businesses and services New future development? Infrastructure investment What do you think about the analysis? What's your feedback? Read More »

Scary thing this Mortgage Insurance!

Mortgage insurance or life insurance... Which one do you have? Does it protect you in case of ... ? Read More »

3 ways to pay off your mortgage faster

There has to be an exit plan for every investment. I take some time to talk with Wojciech who is a Mortgage Broker with Mortgage Alliance to come up with strategies to help you save your money! Read More »

HST and Resale Housing

I had done a video about how much HST is applicable to resale home purchases in August of 2010 and came about a new video posted by Toronto Real Estate this week. I thought it would be a great video to share with you. Please let me know if you have any question. Having trouble viewing video? Click here Read More »

How to read MLS Sheets?

As part of our educational process of helping buyers learn about the home purchase process, I always spend time with them going over the MLS sheets that we send out to them on regular basis about properties for sale.  I thought it would be a great idea to make a small video about the process and post it here for ... Read More »

How much HST do I pay on my purchase?

I recently got questioned by one of my buyer who thought that they have to pay HST on all home purchases. I thought it would be a great idea to talk about HST and how it’s impacting the real estate market. All standard residential purchases don’t require HST payment. HST is applicable to real estate when the property being purchased ... Read More »