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Condo Investing: Are Condos Better Rented Than Owned?

Who’s in the Market to Buy a Condo? Generally speaking, there are three types of individuals who pursue the condo lifestyle: (1) the young professional who’s fallen in love with the notion of trendy downtown living (2) retirees who have had their families and are thinking of downsizing; and (3) investors looking to flip the place at a good price.  For ... Read More »

Hands off the Interest rates, Flaherty!

The interest rates have been low and the banks are looking for ways to increase their share and make more money but I was disturbed by the announcement by Finance Minister asking the banks not to get into a rate fight. While I understand why the Finance minister is asking for the banks not to get into rate wars, I ... Read More »

5 tips for purchasing investment property

I make money through real estate by helping my clients buy and sell properties and through personally investing in it.  In the past six years that I’ve been working full time in real estate, I’ve come to experience numerous situations, good and bad, and I’ve learned dearly from them.  Here are my top five tips for purchasing an investment property. ... Read More »

Rental Market Report in 2nd Quarter 2012

Summary of Rental Market in 2nd Quarter: – 4,771 leased condominium apartments through TorontoMLS in Q2 2012 – up 3% from Q2 2011 – Number of apartments listed for rent grew faster than rental transactions – up 15% – Average 2-bedroom apartment rent was $2,088 – up 4% in comparison to Q2 2011 According to Ann Hannah, President of TREB: ... Read More »

Moderate Growth in Condo Prices During 2nd Quarter

Summary of Condominium Market in 2nd Quarter: – 6,435 condo apartment transactions in Q2 – down 2.6% (6,609 transactions in Q2 2011) – New listings for condos up substantially, by 19% in comparison to 2011 – Average price for Q2 sales were $342,212 – a 3.2% increase compared to 2011 – Condo units were priced in line with buyer expectations ... Read More »

“Get Your Real Estate Investing Started Off On The Right Foot”

Real estate is, and always will be one of the best long term investment strategies one can make. If you’ve just started thinking about investing, it’s never too late. To help you get the ball rolling, here’s an article by Don R. Campbell, a Canadian real estate investor, author, and educator, with helpful tips and pointers on what to expect ... Read More »

Assignment of pre-construction condos in Toronto

If you follow this blog, you know that I’m not a big fan of investing in pre-construction condos. I think of pre-construction condo investment now a days as a speculative investing. Long gone are the days when developers and builders had to price homes and condos below market value to entice buyers to purchase into their projects and if projects ... Read More »

Five terms to consider when purchasing an investment property

Money is made and lost during purchase in real estate. A well crafted purchase agreement not only protects the buyer against foreseeable liabilities but also provides grounds for favorable terms to execute the agreement. Following are my top five terms that I ask when representing my buyers for investment property purchases. Please note that I’m not a lawyer and your ... Read More »

Zooppraisals – An impromptu conversation with Don Campbell

I had the chance to have a sit down with Don Campbell of REIN Canada to talk about his upcoming book and the conversation lead to the topic of Zoocasa’s new service of Zoopraisals. I took the moment to chat with Don about what he sees as the value of the service and if there were any short coming. Hope ... Read More »

The Simple Four-Step System To Multi-Family Property Investing

Don takes some time to review the four steps to invest in multifamily properties with us and provides some great insights as well an invitation to an upcoming event to make an investment in your knowledge. Read More »