Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Testimonial – David Black

I recently had the opportunity to help David with his first home purchase which was an amazing experience for both of us.

David contacted me through an online advertising for our listing and wanted more information. The property was SOLD already hence I couldn’t help David purchase that particular property but we stayed in contact and met up to talk about real estate.

It was evident that David, much like most first time buyers, didn’t have much information available to him hence my number one priority was to get as much information to him as possible starting with my buyer’s package.

David wanted to purchase the right property the first time around hence we customized a plan where we reviewed different properties and different areas that matched what David liked.  Areas with vibrant night life yet not so noisy that you can’t fall a sleep. King West is the area that David picked and we were able to find a great condo for him and secure it with terms that matched the expiry on his lease.

Thank you David for your patronage and a great testimonial!   I look forward to help you and your friends in the future… If you’d like more information about our home purchase and sale programs, please feel free to contact me directly.