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Seller feedback for your Toronto house for sale

Feedback matters when selling your home!

I have a rigorous process in our office of following up with all the agents that have shown our seller’s property to collect feedback and submit it to the seller on weekly basis.  We start our process by emailing the agent three hours after the showing has been completed through automated means.  This doesn’t always work as most agents ignore the email or just delete it.  The next morning, we print a report of all the showings that have taken place yesterday and start burning the phone lines to contact real estate agents.  We used to call the office and found that most agents would just ignore the page so we have started going a step further.  We, now, google the agent to find their personal cell phone and contact them there to collect feedback and even then, some actually get mad at us for calling them.  This is what I have a problem with!

Is it too much to ask from a Real Estate Agent to provide feedback?  I think not!

I usually provide feedback on all showings that I do.  Even if it is a simple email reply saying that the property looks great but it’s not for my client is more sufficient to me than to be chased.  It’s also common courtesy to the seller and listing agent.  Why should the listing agent have to chase a buyer agent down for the feedback?  This is a cooperative business where listing agents spend money in marketing and advertising their services to get listings so the buying agents don’t have to go knocking on doors to find a property that matches what their client is looking for!


You have a client that is looking for a two story detached property with a double car garage in Toronto or worst in the suburb.  Let’s take the Listing agent and Multiple Listing System out from this practice.  As a buying agent, how many doors would you have to knock in order to get to that perfect home your client is looking for?  Now enter our MLS system and a listing agent that has been prospecting an area and has a listing that matches exactly what your client is looking for.  Better yet, you came up with four matches!  You are now a super star because of the efforts of others.  The least you can do is pick up the phone or reply to an email being sent to you and provide feedback.  The listing agent isn’t asking you as a person rather a professional to provide how they could service their client better in getting the property sold.  If you’re client didn’t like something, chances are others don’t either and needs to be fixed.

I’ve been blessed to do business in a lot of areas in Ontario including Guelph, Newmarket, Aurora, Peterbrough, Cobourg and GTA and have found the best place to have a listing for feedback is Newmarket!  There is a culture in Newmarket for providing feedback.  I had listed a home in Newmarket and was amazed that I was getting feedback on over 85% of the showings I was getting.  I was also providing 100% feedback to all the properties I was showings.  I even had an agent call me out when she thought I hadn’t provided feedback on her listing!

I like this a lot!  I want buyer agents held accountable for providing feedback.

The worst I find is Toronto!  I had an incident this morning with an agent whom we called for feedback who flat out refused to provide it.  This is baffling to me!  It’s not that you’re busy and will call back nor did you mention that you haven’t been there.  Another one said that we were “bothering” her! Oh please!  Her first response to my assistant was that the building needs work.  My assistant inquired if the unit (brand new condo) needs work or if she is referring to the South Beach building.  Her response, “it needs work!  Are you the assistant?  I can’t explain this to you, please have the listing agent contact me directly!”  I obliged and called her to which I was told that we are a bother.  After I gave her a brief lesson in why feedbacks can’t be considered a bother, here’s an email that I received from this agent.

I wanted to show this unit for the 2nd time today, but i have to talk to my clients about the tensed conversation we had today and it is going to be up to them to make a decision to see it again or not. Your assistant did not get the information I gave to her, she twisted my words and I did not like it.  After that I took the time telling you that I do appreciate the fact that you are doing your job, asking for a feedback,  was ready to talk to you, but you interrupted me, instead of thanking me for a compliment you have attacked me with your questions… so… let my clients make a decission if they want to proceede with an offer or not.
Good luck in selling it.
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