Monday, April 23, 2018
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Types of listings to sell your Toronto real estate

If you have ever sold a home or are thinking of selling one, you will be presented with an exclusive right-to-sell agreement as that’s the most commonly seen in our industry. There are two other options available that you can consider and the complexity of your sale dictates which one his used. Exclusive Right-to-sell listing This is the most common ... Read More »

Listing information for your Toronto home for sale

List to last OR Listings are the gift of real estate Gods! I first heard this saying when I was starting out in this business in the late 90’s and never really understood what it meant.  This is the time when the real estate market was going through a lot of change including the advent of Buyer Representations.  As a ... Read More »

How to pick the right neighborhood?

There are numerous items that should be considered when purchasing your next home. Neighborhood is an important aspect that should be reviewed based on the following criteria. School ratings Local businesses and services New future development? Infrastructure investment What do you think about the analysis? What's your feedback? Read More »