Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Saying Farewell to Toronto’s Concourse Building

Earlier last week, Oxford Properties announced that they’ve obtained a building permit for 100 Adelaide West, which will allow them to proceed with their plans to construct a 40-storey, high-performance LEED Platinum CS office tower straight across from the First Canadian Place. The architectural firms assigned to the job, Kohn Peterson Fox Associates and WZMH Architects, will be responsible for not only designing ... Read More »

Spotlight: The Pink Palace of Queen’s Park

The Ontario Legislative Building, the seventh structure to serve the parliament of Ontario, survived another turn of the decade last week. The “Pink Palace”, first completed in 1893, has sat at the core of Toronto for 120 years, boldly occupying the territory of Queen’s Park. Although the land is owned by the University of Toronto, on account of a $1-per-annum ... Read More »

The Bizarre and the Beautiful: Unique Architecture from Around the World

Every major city has something to be proud of; whether that is a great monument or a historically significant building, the city relishes the fact that people want to come and check it out. Now, there are several treasures in the world that remain undiscovered, lost over the years and forgotten. Similarly, there are places intentionally displaced in the past. ... Read More »

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Making Change: Tunnels, Jets, and Expanded Runways

Due to the close proximity and ease of access to the city, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport has become a key player in the regional travel market. For this reason, there have been many suggestions over the years as to what can be done to expand the airport, many of which have been declined by the Toronto Port Authority. Ultimately, ... Read More »

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada: Summer Opening 2013

Early last year, amid many iconic Toronto structures — the Rogers Centre, the MTCC, the CN Tower, and the thriving Entertainment District — Ripley Entertainment, a member of the Jim Pattison Group, began building their multi-million dollar, world-class aquarium. As originally planned, the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is said to be opening its doors this summer. During this time, the city also ... Read More »

Will the Tour Odeon Penthouse Take the Throne as the World’s Most Expensive Apartment?

Is It Just An Incredible Concept? Although the 49-story residential paradise, Tour Odeon, will not be completed until 2014, sales are already beginning to average $7,700 per square foot.  At a height of 170-meters, Tour Odeon will surmount all other structures in Monaco, France except for one, making it the coastline’s second tallest building.  What distinguishes this building from its ... Read More »

Australia’s Forte Apartments: The World’s Tallest CTL Building

Introducing the Forte apartments… Centrally located at Melbourne’s Victoria Harbour, this 10-story eco-friendly building has had no problem fitting in.  As the world’s tallest Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) residential building, the Forte apartments have attracted attention from environmental enthusiasts, architects, and designers alike.  The 32-meter structure cost upwards of $11-million to construct but has given the world a stellar example of what ... Read More »

A Look at Denmark’s Isbjerget (“The Iceberg”)

Isbjerget, a residential development in Aarhus, Denmark, has finally been completed.  As a waterfront property, Isbjerget proudly towers over the rest of the city, gracing the landscape with modern, natural beauty.  Designed by JDS Architects, Cebra, SeARCH, and Louis Paillard, the stunning ten-story structure may be mistaken for a giant mass of ice from a distance.  The inventive design simulates ... Read More »

One Hyde Park: Taking a Look at One of the World’s Wealthiest Buildings

London’s One Hyde Park is the most affluent residence in the world.  Its iconic architecture was designed by Rogers Sterk Harbour and Partners, a world-renowned design firm recognized for their prestige and elegance.  Designed in four pavilions, the location of One Hyde Park combines the natural beauty of Old England with the convenience of modern cosmopolitan only footsteps away. Design ... Read More »

Blue Bathroom Ideas

The colour blue is cool and relaxing – the perfect shade for a bathroom and retreat space. Not only is the hue calming, but versatile as well! Click here for photos of blue bathroom design ideas. Read More »