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Out of the office and in Brazil

I love travelling!   I had taken an amazing trip last winter where I spent time backpacking through Philippines and decided that I need to do this more often. It’s 2016, a new year and I’m heading out again for a backpacking trip to Brazil. Brazil has an amazing carnival in February of every year which is going to be ... Read More »

The market is slipping… Now what?

Toronto real estate board posted it’s monthly statistics (attached) for real estate transactions for the month of September on October 3, 2012 and it’s in line with what we saw in August 2012 with number of transactions lower and prices keep climbing. We also saw the same stats repeated in new construction for August 2012 where the number of transactions ... Read More »

Interview: Effects of Boutique Hotels on Neighborhood

I recently gave an interview to Global News in Toronto talking about a boutique hotel project that I've been privilleged to work on for the past two years. The focus of the interview was about how the area undergoes genrtification when an investment is made. Read More »

The Toronto Star article about Bay Street Motel

Following is a clipping from The Toronto Star today talking to me about one of the projects I'm working on currently at the Corner of Bay and Elm Street. Read More »

Toronto Metro talks about Bay Street Motel

My recent interview with Toronto Metro talking about a project at the Corner of Bay and Elm Street in Toronto Read More »

INTERVIEW: Don R Campbell talking about Toronto Real Estate prices

A video discussion with Don R Campbell taking about the state of current real estate prices and what he's projecting. We also discussed factors in pricing where Torontonians will see the biggest appreciation. Read More »

Doors Open Toronto – 150 buildings citywide open their doors

Doors Open Toronto

I hope you get out this weekend and check out Doors Open Toronto. I give you the properties that I will be checking out... Hope to see you there! Read More »

The rich aren’t so bad after all

Most of us have that stereotype in our head that rich people are more like Montgomery Burns from The Simpson while it’s not true. The source is an article posted in the Financial Post that talks about the stereotype of a survey that was conducted. Read More »

No rate hikes imminent, BoC signals

During the interest rate announcement on April 12, 2011, Mark Carney, Bank of Canada Governor, left the over night lending rate at 1% which is great news for anyone with variable rate mortgages.  There’s also speculation that the first interest rate hike will come in July which will give buyers enough time to get their pre-approvals in place and purchase ... Read More »

3 ways to pay off your mortgage faster

There has to be an exit plan for every investment. I take some time to talk with Wojciech who is a Mortgage Broker with Mortgage Alliance to come up with strategies to help you save your money! Read More »